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We Dream Dawn with Laura Goldhamer

WE, as all life,
DREAM, and hence create,
DAWN, a new day.

In 2015, WE DREAM DAWN! quickly grew from a distant dream into a new life when Sage Cook decided to take leave from Elephant Revival, a neo-folk quintet he had helped found in 2006. Fueled by lofty ideals about approaching art while living closer to the land, this new project is honing in on a new sort of american dream. “We are hoping to be growing most of our own food in a few years, because I feel most of the worlds problems are systemic of the way we cultivate our food and medicine” Sage states.

Although WE DREAM DAWN was born from a subsistence farming adventure you may never come to that conclusion by listening to them. Somewhere between vintage analog psychedelia and dreamy electro folk pop these folks are representing rural america in a whole new light.


Laura Goldhamer

Laura Goldhamer draws from a variety of purely American traditions; however, Laura’s ability to merge traditional Americana with the avant-garde, mixing inventive homemade technologies with earnest folk, is particularly noteworthy.



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